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Release Year - 2020 / liked It - 8867 Vote / user Ratings - 6,9 / 10 / Genre - Mystery / country - USA / Summary - An unknown, massive earthquake happens in a drilling station in the bottom of the Mariana Trench. A scientific crew find their way into another station under a dark water, a dangerous of humanoid creatures, and a lack of oxygen. Submersos watch full length youtube. Submersos watch full length season. Submersos watch full length tv. Submersos watch full length vs. Submersos Watch Full lengthy. Submersos Watch Full lengths. Submersos watch full length film. Submersos watch full length movie. Edit, 3 days after posting: The water is evaporating way too fast. I'm putting this on hold until I figure out a better design. Edit: Pics This is an attempt at creating a heated storage device by using water to achieve a predictable and even heat distribution. It's basically a gigantic sous vide. I made this post 50 days ago when I originally thought of the idea, and since then I've slowly been putting the pieces together. I think it's ready to test out tentatively in practice. Parts List 1 1/2" hole saw Screw-in hooks Zip ties Temperature controller - Sinker weights - 10 gallon bucket - Lid for bucket - Thermal paste - Kettle - Replacement M3 screws - Gorilla Patch and Seal tape - This device is adapted from here. Steps Dismantle the kettle until you have the kettle element in one hand and the black outlet thing in the other. Keep the red rubber gasket, but throw away the screws. You'll be using the M3 screws linked above since they are more heavy duty and won't strip. Drill a single 1 1/2" hole with drill/hole saw on the side of the bucket, near the bottom. It won't be a clean job so feel free to sand away the rough parts. In the link above, the post shows two kettle elements, one on each side. With two going at once, this tripped my circuit breaker so I tried only one. It still heats very evenly with a temperature differential of only 2 degrees F! Slide the rubber gasket into the hole just like it was in the kettle. Clean the thermal paste from the element and the copper circle on the black outlet thing. Reapply new thermal paste, you only need a tiny amount. Thread 2 nuts onto each of 3 12mm M3 screws from the assorted screw kit. This ensures the correct length of screw. Use these 3 screws to install the element. Fill up the bucket with water, at least 80% full, and wait an hour to check for leaks. If there are leaks, uninstall the element, patch up the hole with Gorilla tape, and try again. Sometimes the seal is perfect and sometimes it's not, it's kind of just luck. Once you have fixed any possible issue from step 6, it's time to drill a couple holes in the lid of the bucket. Use a very small drill bit for the screw-in hook, at the exact center of the lid, and then screw in the hook. The hook part should be under the lid. Take a different drill bit, just thicker than the end of the temperature sensor, and use that to drill a hole an inch away from the center hole. Pass the temperature sensor through the hole and let it dangle about 8-10 inches below. use some Gorilla tape to secure the sensor wire from on top of the lid to make sure the sensor stays in place. Take your sample chunk of tea and your Boveda pack and vacuum seal it in a bag. Put that bag inside another bag and vacuum seal it again. Place that bag inside a mylar bag, press out all the air, and heat seal it. You should heat seal the same place 2 or 3 times to create a very strong seal. Then do this again 2 more times, each heat seal location about a centimeter below the previous one. Poke 3 small holes about a centimeter from the top of the mylar bag, one in the center, one on the left and one on the right. Attach 2 more hooks onto the lid of the bucket corresponding with the left and right holes at the top of the mylar bag. Put a zip tie through the hole and corresponding hook, and tighten it just a tad. This is a good time to attach the dangling temperature sensor to the side of the bag with Gorilla tape. This stuff is made to be used underwater, so it will hold. Poke two small holes near the bottom of the mylar bag, one on each side where the two sides are fused together. Put a zip tie through each hole and through a sinker weight, and tighten so that the sinker weight would just rest on the bottom of the bucket rather than continually pulling down on the bag with all of its weight. Now close the lid. Remember, your mylar bag containing the tea is now secured from the bottom of the lid by 3 hooks each going through 2 layers of 7 mil mylar. It's time to get stuff plugged in. The kettle came with a power cord, which you'll be using. Plug one end into the black outlet thing which you've secured onto the outside of the bucket, and the other end into the temperature controller, which you should configure to your desired temperature. Plug in the temperature controller to a power source and watch as the water slowly heats up. If this is hard to picture, I can get pics tomorrow or the day after depending on when I get home. It's possible I left out a step here or there, I'm sort of just visualizing it right now from memory. And yup, I get that this is a lot of steps. This isn't a classic pumidor design where you can just treat it like a fridge for daily use foods, it's intended for longer term use cases. Other Info The sample I'm using to test this storage is half of sample D from my main storage experiment, because it was the largest sample and was effectively just a nice, conditioned chunk of pu-erh to work with. I am using 72% RH for this test because I have much more faith in the capabilities of the water storage device to heat this sample evenly and accurately compared to hotbox storage, allowing for higher humidity. Plus, since 72% is more susceptible to mold, it will be a good test for whether it could work for lower humidity levels. This is just going to be a short test to see if this thing actually works. I'll check back on the sample in 3 months, and if all seems well, I can do a proper experiment with more samples comparing this to hotbox storage and/or unheated storage. This is definitely my coolest experiment yet, can't wait to see how it turns out.

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