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Creators - Lone Scherfig / Actors - Jay Baruchel / duration - 1 Hours, 52minutes / Audience Score - 220 votes / Year - 2019 / Drama. The kindness of strangers watch online. I see you too. Seeing the thumbnail. I thought this was a comedy. The Kindness of strangest. This is just sad. FINALLY Mitchell Hope is in something other than Descendants! lol.

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The kindness of strangers netflix. For some reason this is absolutely hilarious. The kindness of strangers nick cave lyrics. Stellarim, general streets. An unusual sight for many, Mirrah Walker was currently out and about on the streets of this strange city, dressed to the nines--but mostly to deal with the morning cold, given the layers she had on. Her purse hangs from one shoulder, a stretched bridge of slime binding the object to her person so it couldn't be in all this cold, the misty air is slowly breaking that binding down, so she's keeping it held close in the meantime. Why is a woman normally ridden with social anxiety out, you ask? Well, it's not for daughter Faith had been demonstrating some gall lately in actually managing to leave her room on occasion, something that Miri was very proud of her little girl for managing. Like herself, Faith suffers from intense anxiety of various sorts, and she wants to be a good mother and reward her for making some progress--encourage her to keep doing it. She knows exactly what kinda things she likes, so she's heading towards a shopping center to get looking for what she had in mind. As long oh. There they are again. The life of a Walker can be a frustrating one for many of them, and Miri's main 'antagonist' in that regard is the media vultures looking to snap pictures, get statements, and otherwise misconstrue every aspect of her public life in some twisted effort to create a ridiculous story and sell copies of it. Money is quite the obsession... unfortunately, the most persistent among these people have learned not to approach Mirrah directly. Doing so earns them a face full of slime courtesy of the woman herself, so the only people who fall for that nowadays are brand new ones who just got in to the business and are either clueless, or being hazed by their coworkers. This looked to be a flock of the persistent 'd best get moving. The shopping center isn't far and she just wants to go home soon as she can. Often times, she comes to the city alongside her best friend, Amanda, but being that she's out on a personal errand today that wasn't the case this time around. It's left her, and her paranoia is at its usual high. Wait a 's right, she doesn't have to be alone. Tower was assigned to guard her and he was undoubtedly nearby, as he tends to follow her from a distance to let her retain some sense of independence when she needs it. Just as she reaches the turn to approach the shopping center, she faces the other direction and whistles sharply. The gesture gains the attention of a few people around her, who then move away with noises of surprise--Tower running over to join her, his wolf form gigantic and imposing as ever. Feeling better already, she hugs his head while giving him pets, which gets his wiry metal tail to wag. "Good boy. " T: "I would be remiss to not obey the call of someone I care for. " Smooching his metallic snout, she then enters the intended destination, her companion sticking close to her side. T: "Would you like me to chase off the vultures? " "No, it's fine. What're they gonna see that they haven't already written about a million times? I'm pretty sure there's an article out there somewhere going apeshit wondering how I breathe as a slime. " Tower's eyes lightly flash their red color a couple times. T: "... " ".. " T: "I searched for such an article out of curiosity to see if the absurdity of that statement was founded. " "Oh, for fuck's sake... " T: "Let us proceed with your errand and return home swiftly" "Yes and please. " The two of them walk around until they find a particularly beefy game shop, the outlet sporting a wide open entrance rather than doors, statues about the place, and all sorts of screens attached to the walls. Tower follows behind Miri and avoids bumping in to anyone or anything, while she search for a specific physical guring it would be faster, she sits on Tower's back and has him walk around the place while she search with her eyes. During this little outing, she remains unaware as the vultures all begin to stack up outside of the shop, effectively pushing past each other to create a wall as they take opportunistic pictures. Tower comes to a halt as he's the first to notice, which draws Mirrah's attention. When she too realizes what's going on... "...... " Her expression immediately pangs with the anxiety that shot throughout her nerves. Can't they just leave her the hell alone? Aren't there other popular people they could bother? Hasn't she fought them off enough to make them fucking quit already?! She's visibly shaking from the shot of fear that was injected directly in to her, and her mask is starting to show cracks. It's too cold for this crap, she's still tired, "Tower. Faith wants the limited physical edition of every entry in her favorite game series. You know the one, right? " T: "Eh? Well, yes. Why do you--" He suddenly gets a wallet stuffed in to his jaws, then Miri hops off his back. Confused, the wolfish machine turns to face her, only to see her gone instantly, a tear in space itself rapidly sealing up--she had donned her ring and traveled to Egroraz. T: "What--Mirrah! MIRRAH! Dammit! Ugh... " He shakes his head, picking up the wallet with his tail and holding it tight. Looks like he needs to find Faith's gift himself--the pressure of so many eyes so obviously, carelessly boring in to her must have been too much. Turning his head towards them, Tower snarls loudly towards the vultures, causing them to scatter in confusion since Miri was gone anyway. He sighs heavily afterwards. T: "It seems I must leave her in Hitomi's capable there's something I can do to prevent this from happening in the future? " He taps his chin with the tip of his tail a few times, thinking. T: ".. For now, I must perform as ordered. " The realm Egroraz, Leadigana-- Edmond's Trinket shop. The portal seals up once more as Miri stumble through it, arriving in the second floor of the shop it was linked to. She sighs heavily and immediately falls to her knees, holding herself while trying to calm down from her shaking... "'m okay... I'm not important here. No one knows me one knows I exist " She hears a soft noise, looking over towards it. A pitch black cat hops down from a shelf and mews at her, walking up and rubbing his head and back up along her face, which gets a quiet giggle out of her, already feeling better. "Hey, aren't you the same cat from last time?.. are you doing here, of all places? " Mrow. She supposes it doesn't really matter--a furry little friend like him is exactly what she needed right now. Standing up, the kitty hops in to her purse and gets comfy for the ride, purring as he's given ear rubs in response. Looking around, Miri figures she should go see the guy remembers being told by Hafni that she trusts the man who owns this little place. A brazen named old one at that. With a metallic clink with each step she took down the steps, the old man of a machine looks up towards her, then turning his head to cough smoke a few times. She stands at the bottom of the steps, meekly waving. " there. " E: " Starting to wonder if keeping this old, clanky body together is worth there. You must be, uh... " He leans forward to look at her again, his every movement followed by the audible metallic sounds caused by his body. E: "Ahh, you're Mirrah, then. Hafni told me about you. " "She did? " E: "Yeah. Hitomi too--said if a fat girl ever showed up from the second floor that it was you. " "... I mean they're not wrong. " E: "Well, long as you don't cause any trouble, you're free to stick around the place. I owe the both of them, so you can use the loft as a safe haven of sorts. You're free to use the bed, too--lord knows I don't need sleep these What on--" He eyes the cat, staring at it. It's just napping comfortably for now, ignoring everything. E: "That damn furball's been squatting in the loft for weeks now. Never lets anybody near him, the fuzzy little freeloader. Guess he must like you for some reason if he's willing to let you carry him around. " "Really? Well, I kinda know this first time I ever came to this city, we ran into each other and he followed me around. " E: "" He sits back down, and resumes work on whatever was on his desk at the moment. Miri looks around, feeling a bit awkward now. E: "Hafni has a friend who always has a stall open in the lower levels of the Crossroads. Her name's Palla. Why don't you go give her a visit? She should keep ya from getting lost in this place. " "Oh. Thanks. " E: "You're welcome. Now leave me with some peace and quiet. " Nodding, Miri walks to the door of his shop and steps outside, letting it fall shut behind her. She looks around--his shop was certainly a hideaway all its own, the door to it sitting at the end of a long, claustrophobic and tight alley somewhere in the Crossroads. Walking through the whole thing, she pops out in to a walkway somewhere around the middle of the bustling market, sighing softly as she look all around. It's busy, it's loud, it's crowded... But she isn't scared. This place doesn't know who she is, and she can protect herself if need be. If she can't, she always has what friends she's made here, and to them she's, Ed mentioned this Palla woman being on a lower level. There's numerous signs around the place, so getting around shouldn't be too long as she stays in the Crossroads. She understands the occasional sideways glance she gets, as she's not wearing anything from this realm. Even despite being formal in a place so steampunk in its appearance, she's still wearing clothing from a totally different plane of existence. Here we go--a stretch of town with stalls on both sides every so often relative to moves past all the other people looking for something to buy as she keep her eyes open for that telltale golden shine that Aurum give off. Such a shining beacon was easy to spot once she was in range, noticing the mentioned woman, Palla, sat on a mat barking her wares to any within "earshot". As such, she begins hearing her voice in her mind, as Aurum spoke telepathically, a known and accepted trait here in one less so in her own world. Walking over to the mat she was sat upon, she speaks up. "Um, excuse me... " P: "Ahh, hello, welcome, welcome! Has something of mine caught your eye? A glint of curiosity reflected by the shine of material beauty? I have many things here despite what you may see, and I--" "Uh, wait, no, I'm not here to buy anything. You're Palla, right? " P: "Oh? Yes, I am. Do I know you? " "No, but we have mutual friends. You know Edmond and Hafni, right? " P: "Yes! Yes, I do. Then you must be... judging by how wide you are, you must be Mirrah. Hafni has spoken of you to me, it's wonderful to finally meet you! " "Why does everyone tell everyone else they'll recognize me based on how fat I am? " "Yeah, that's me. " P: "Come come, sit with me! I would love to speak with you further. 't that interrupt your business though? " P: "Of course not, I won't be interrupted in selling if I'm not bothering to try and sell anything. I can put that aside for now. " She pats a spot on the mat and Miri walks over, sitting cross legged beside her. The kitty opens its eyes and looks around to survey its surroundings, climbing out of the purse and on to Mirrah's lap, causing her to begin petting it. P: "Welcome to my little slice of life here in Leadigana! How many times have you been in town? " "Only a I've started coming on my own. Hafni gave me a ring that lets me use the magic you guys do for traveling. " P: "Wow, she must really like you if she did that. Well I'm glad you decided to come visit, it's always nice making new friends. Speaking of, who's this little furball? " She reaches over and scritches the kitty's head with her long fingers, resulting in more purring. "Just some cat who took a liking to me since I showed up. I dunno why, but apparently when and where to wait for me for the next time I showed up... I don't really question it though. Animals have that weird instinct. Or maybe it was just fate for us to meet again. " P: "Perhaps. there anything about this town you've been wanting to check out? " "Well, not right I do wonder what kinda food you guys have. " P: "Much of it has been influenced by human cuisine, actually. You may find a lot of comfort foods around here. " "So I've heard. I just wonder what sort they make around 's different foods in my world depending on what continent and country you're in. " P: "I've had something called ramen before. " They continue to chat for a while yet, Miri slowly becoming more and more comfortable with the place as a result. Palla holds a charisma that Hafni couldn't quite demonstrate, her social ability much more thorough and the two spoke however, something eventually got their attention. The street seemed to have every person it clear out the way of someone making their way down it, that person being... Lunara. Miri whispers to her friend. "Hey, who's she? " P: " is called Lunara. She is the current head of a rapidly growing church called the Oreborne. People who believe that those of flesh and bone were born to serve the world's natural cycle--born of the soil, and destined to return to it. They choose to do the 'return' part early by ditching their mortal shells and turning their entire bodies Brazen. I hear they personally forge every scrap of metal for the process from ore they mine themselves. Fucking religion, man. So what, they get rid of their normal bodies like sacrifices to the planet itself, then turn in to cyborgs so they aren't... I dunno, constantly consuming or something? " P: "Something like that, yes... I'm not too sure myself. " Lunara's cane taps against the ground as she continue moving she pass by Mirrah and Palla, she suddenly comes to a halt, no longer advancing. Everyone wonders what she's up she slowly turns towards the mat the two were sat upon. Even without eyes, Miri could feel the way her gaze bore in to the two of them. Dammit, she came here to NOT stand out. Maybe she should buy some new clothes she'll need coin for that and she-- She squeaks a bit as Lunara's cane suddenly whip towards them to point at Mirrah, who looks up at the tall brazen. "" L: "Excuse me, is that your cat? " "Huh?, he just follows me around. My cat is grey and smaller than this one, and I left him at home. " L: "I see. " She moves the cane back upright and taps it against the ground back in to place, having turned to face them fully now. L: "It's not often strays in this town trust people, from what I've seen. You must have experience with animals. " "Kinda? I'm around them a lot where I live... " She looks down at the kitty and notices that it cused. It's staring directly at Lunara without a hint of expression in its eyes, like it was merely a sentry keeping an eye out. It's a bit unsettling, really. L: "What is your name, dear? " "Oh, great, now she wants to know my name. What did I do to deserve this kind of attention? What movie am I in right now that the big, important lady leading a religion suddenly takes an interest in the stranger to the realm because of the fucking cat on her lap? 0/10 cliche. Fuck. " " Mirrah Walker. I'm here. " L: "Really? ither am I. " "Eh? " She looks up at the black and gold woman, who nods. Her presence seems a little less intimidating for some reason. L: "I only have enough time and knowledge of this place that a few visits and open ears can afford me, I'm practically a stranger still. Yeah, same with I haven't really been paying attention that much so, I don't really know what goes on in this town. " L: "We have that much in common, it seems. A word of advice, mething I've picked up on in my time here. " She looks to the cat again. L: "Be careful with strays like that. You never know where they might have who they might belong to. " The cat continues staring like a statue, standing its ground, so to speak. Miri looks down at it and idly scratches under its chin. "I think I'll be okay. I can't anything as it stands, and if he does belong to someone, I'll just hand him over. " Lunara stares at her rather than the cat for a moment, a gentle sigh sounding from her afterward. Miri swears she could feel as if she'd smiled for a moment. L: "I see why he likes you. You seem sweet... untouched by the rotted vapors of this city's darker side. " "Oh, " L: "Heed my words in this moment, Mirrah. You hold a truly blissful, envious ignorance of this place. I pray to the generous and bountiful soil of our world that you do not get dragged down in to darker places that seek to manipulate you. " "If only you knew what underworld I'm associated with in my realm, lady. " Lunara walks closer and bends down, reaching towards the cat. It suddenly bolts out of Mirrah's lap and in to a tight space, leaving fast as it could. "Kitty! " Mirrah watches it run and frowns. L: "My apologies, I suppose I'm just frightening to look at. " "Well... I.. I don't really know how to answer that. " L: "Your honesty is " "Hm? " Reaching on to her dress, Lunara unclips one of the golden oval accessories on the front of it. It shines with a particular, authentic glint that truly real, tempered gold can produce, a small insignia of a mountain on its center. She hands it to Mirrah, who carefully takes it in to her hands. L: "I know not what world you hail from, but it doesn't take a genius to understand you aren't from ours. You are... disconnected from the worst parts of my own, and that is a sight I have not been fortunate enough to witness since I still had my old body of flesh. " She reaches to Miri's hands and closes them around the jewelry with her own. Her metallic body feels warm in spite of its material. L: "There are sanctuaries for those of the Oreborne faith in towns all across the sands of time that separate them. If you ever become frightened or feel can show that to the people inside and they will do all in their power to hide you. " Miri looks up at the woman with confusion on her face. L: "I'm not asking you to suddenly believe the same things we do. I just something in you that I feel makes you worth helping. " The brazen woman then stands up, both hands atop her cane once more. L: "It was nice meeting you. Perhaps we will run in to each other again in the future. " Waving, Lunara then walks off. It takes the street a while to return to normal, but eventually everyone's back to business as usual. Miri opens her hand and looks at the branded clip once again, turning it over as she inspect it. P: " I wonder what that was all about. " "Me too... " "Envious ignorance? Why is it my only notable qualities to strangers are that I'm fat and or stupid?.. I know she didn't mean it that way. seemed really concerned about this place's underworld dragging me in to its affairs. Maybe I remind her of someone else? " She puts the clip away in her outfit for now, keeping it safe and close on her person. Her thoughts run a little bit more as she consider everything that just went down. ".. she worried about that cat getting me in to some kind of trouble? It bolted pretty fast when she got close, but it might have been just because she was so intimidating. Man, what a weird at least I got to meet some new people who aren't after me just because of my surname. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I met this Lunara again. " Standing up, Miri sighs while dusting herself off, Palla looking up. "I think I've had quite the day already and I've hardly been here an hour. I'm gonna head back for now. " P: "Ah, alright. See you some other time? " "Sure, we can get ramen next time. " Palla smiles and nods, waving to Miri as she walked off. She makes her way back to Edmond's shop, squeezing through the alley and crouching to get through the door, letting it fall shut behind her. Looks like he had left the shop for the moment, as she was all alone in opts to make her way up to the loft, sighing as she flop on to the bed in it and look out the window that gives her a view of the guts of the Crossroads--a maze of pipes, tight paths, and stray cats sprawled before her. She lays on her side, staring out through it while her mind went down all sorts of paths. day's barely even started and already I'm feeling tired. Seems like I can't take two steps outside campus without being at least here, it's not by parasites looking for their next buck. Lunara felt scary at first, but I think she was being genuine when she spoke to me. Oreborne, huh? I guess I've heard crazier religions. I hope they aren't just more zealous control freaks using faith as a shield from most others are. " "Man, I'm hungry. " Devil Academy, lunch room. Mirrah sits alone at along table filled with plates holding towering piles of food, as she often has. She's not in her slime form at the moment and is eating a bit more slowly, the golden clip she was given shining in her hair where she had affixed it. Naturally, anyone's free to come say hi to her.

The kindness of strangers blanche dubois. The kindness of strangers 2006. The kindness of strangers tv series. So sad song. sniff! sniff! sob! sob. Argument: Adults are the ones discouraging kids from reading by not teaching them to enjoy books by saying things like "oh you're reading that? ", "that's not a real book", and complaining about reading books as a kid. This effects kids more than new technology, which is actually encouraging further reading. Personal background: I was raised on books. I was read to every night by my parents until I was 9 and together we got through every Cornelia Funke book (Dragon Rider was my favorite book at 6 years old), Harry Potter book, a few Niel Gaiman books (the Graveyard book was a favorite of mine), Animal Farm, Alice in Wonderland, every Wizard of Oz book (that's 40 novels), and many more. By the end, I had started 20, 000 leagues under the sea with my dad and had started the Two Towers with my mom. I loved to read and still do. Evidence for adults ruining books: Teachers/schools: I have had awesome teachers in my life and some that aren't so much. In 6th and 7th grade I took a very long break from reading on my own time because I was discouraged from it by teachers that made it painfully boring and book tests that made it hard for me to read for pleasure. We were also only given a limited catalog of books which made it very difficult for students to explore their options. It was called and whenever we had a book we had to check it through there and spoiler, it had no nonfiction options on it and I wasn't allowed to read anything over 300 pages which was awful since I loved (and still do) very detailed historical biographies. Parents: Parents and families tend to transfer their own views to their children. Now, a children's movie isn't reliable evidence but as an exaggerated example, I'd use Matilda. Now some parents are like Matilda's parents they don't value reading in their children and tend to just complain about it or their experiences with bad teachers and a vast majority of the time, the kids absorb it. I know so many people who hate reading just because they have literally no guidance on how to care about or actually find a good book. My experiences (I guess strangers? ): I love my historical biographies. My current book (and also my favorite) is Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow which is about a thousand pages (only about 800 of actual reading) and because I'm passionate about it, I take it places and also annotate and bookmark a lot of pages. I read while at school, while shopping with my parents, and when waiting for doctor's appointments. Every single time I always get asked by classmates, strangers, family members, literally everyone the same question "Are you reading that for school? " and when I say no I get that judgy side-eye. There's nothing that makes me more self-conscious, uncomfortable, and offended than that fucking question. When people say that it sounds like "I feel bad for you that you have to read or annotate that for school. " I hear "that sucks. Reading sucks. That looks boring. I feel bad for you. ". A mistake often made (Forcing Classics): I was just reading a New Yorker article on this topic which sites that teachers should make kids read more classics but I find the opposite. Having to devote my full attention to classics is tedious, especially when they're older than 100 years because it's hard for me to read. I love classics don't get me wrong, but they're the kind of book to listen to as an audiobook while you do the dishes. They're hard to understand and are oh so boring when you put your full attention onto them. 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I've been able to listen to The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, The whole Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, Harry Potter (in French), Lord of the Rings, and I'm going to start Uncle Tom's Cabin in a few weeks. It's really nice and you can even fall asleep to some of them. Traveling information: With the spread of the internet we can easily make our own book club things or even more importantly, we can find the books that are actually good and not just over-marketed. I see books that are advertised by book fairs and libraries all the time (Usually that "Red Queen" series) but most of the time those books are pretty crappy compared to some of the things out there. Through the internet, I've found a lot of books that have been added to my reading list because I see a lot of people liking them that have similar tastes to me.

The Kindness of stranger in a strange land. The kindness of strangers official trailer. WELL FIRST THEY TOOK MY ARMS OFF, AND THREW THEM OVER THERE.

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