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Börge Hellström

audience Score 8210 Votes

Casts Joel Kinnaman

runtime 1h 53 m

6,6 of 10 stars


Download movie the informer 2017. So Frank Castle is going to meet up with another Matt Murdock? Cool. 10:00 context of viruses. Download movie the informer songs. The informer movie download. Download movie the informer. 0:44 This woman's compassion is gonna get her killed, I bet my money on it. The Informer is a new crime thriller directed and partly written by Andrea Di Stefano, the director of Escobar: Paradise Lost.
The film is about special agent Pete Koslow (Joel Kinnaman) who was imprisoned. If the FBI tries to get information about a major New York criminal with his help, Pete must go to jail again undercover.
If something goes wrong during the secret mission, Pete loses contact with the FBI. Without this support, Pete must personally remain undercover to get the information he needs and find a way to get the information back to the FBI.
This film comes across as standard with a well-known story about an undercover agent who gets stuck in a prison and finds his own way out of the prison. The Al Pacino movie The Recruit also had a similar story. The film also looks a bit like a lesser film version of the television series Prison Break. In contrast to other similar stories, this film also has no unexpected plottwist and so it soon comes across as well-known and long-winded.
The acting is also not that special. Joel Kinnaman plays his role again in the same way that he also plays with most of his roles in other films. Rosamund Pike plays an FBI agent in the film, but she can act better than the acting work that she delivers in this film. This role actually comes across as a role that she plays to earn some extra money. Clive Owen also plays an FBI agent with a higher position. According to the story, his character comes from America, but he nevertheless retains his English accent throughout the film and thus appears rather uncomfortable and unbelievable than as a serious FBI agent.


When My Friends Insist Me to watch Another Blockbuster Release on Oct 4 I - You Don't Listen. Do you? You Ask me the Same Question Every Time. All my Reviews regarding other Films will be Negative Thoughts. 🎭.

Download movie the informer free. Game looks really great, just trying to get used to the armor suit. I like the one from Arkham City. Download movie the informer game. Harley Quinn and the Fantabulous Emancipation of a bunch of secondary characters. That's how you make a trailer. When you realize that this song is the one that young Marshall Eriksen loves. Has this movie received multiple release dates? I saw a trailer for this movie back in summer of 2019 and thought I missed the release but it seems like it keeps getting pushed back. I am in the US. Is this correct or has there been a limited release of this elsewhere in the country? I still really want to see this movie. Download movie the informer 2.

Endgame: We are gonna take all the oscars. Download Movie The informer sur les. This is far from cinema quality. It's a b rate Netflix type movie at best. Horrendous acting, poor story line and, a complete waste of a Friday night at Odean. Download movie the informer song. Hey the altered carbon guys getting bigger! Good for you bro.

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We want Batman vs Superman trailer. Good movie. Nothing new for kinnaman he was snitch/informer in most of the movies he made before Hollywood! 🤔😂😎.

What a stupid concept. Police would take it seriously

Love this film. comical yet poignant of a narcissist with delusions of grandeur. Classic. I already watched shot caller. Thanks Joe! I guess thats why they talk about vaccines establishing “herd immunity” because we are the cattle they want to vaccinate. God bless you and your family!❤️🙏🏻. Thanks for bringing him back to me. Poetic and beautiful. Why am I still so confused by this 😂😂😂😂. Download movie the informer series. Fucking great songs. Can't wait. Download Movie The informer et se former. Never before seen Virus appears & theres test kits all over the world for it. HOGWASH. Whos here after Joker. When the kid kicked him in the balls I decided not to watch it.

Download movie the informer movie. Snow Informer was out since late 1980 in da early 1990 it's old school & still jamming hard to this who is jamming to this 2019?💯🇨🇱🍻🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 12-25-2019. Download movie the informer full. Wow great movie thanks.

Download movie the informer cast. Are these critics watch the same movie as me? I don't think you can see lately the movies out there these days are pretty garbage and these compare to same top movies wouldn't been too far. Amazing acting and Joel 100% he gonna be the best actor in some years to come, just watch. This is tragicomedy. Download movie the informer 2016.

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